Do you secretly wish that a groundhog would tear through your neighbor’s yard every time you pass by on your way home because it is so perfect? Here you are laying seed in the same spot over and over, desperately trying to fix imperfections, and his landscaping looks like it belongs in a magazine. Is it really perfect, or does he just know how to hide the flaws better than you? There are a lot of little tricks you can use to transform eyesores on your property into lovely focal points you can be proud of.

  • Outdoor Statue – Surely at some point in your life you have tossed a throw rug over a stain or moved a piece of furniture in front of a hole in the wall when you hear the doorbell ring. An outdoor statue is perfect to use for hiding flaws, as well. Put one over the fresh hole your dog just dug before guests arrive and then move it to the flowerbed later when you realize you missed a spot while planting seeds.

  • Water Fountain – One of the reasons fountains are great for hiding flaws is because they naturally attract attention. A tiered one in the front yard may draw attention away from all the cracks in the driveway. Since there are solar ones available you can put them in any problem area of your landscaping.
  • Pond – Do you have one spot in your yard that constantly has a puddle of water? Maybe this is the perfect place to put a pond. Ponds are a bit of upkeep, but they help create an enchanted space.
  • Retaining Wall – Having a retaining wall installed is the easiest way to define your property. Plus, concrete walls keep soil in place and prevent sinkholes, flooding, and erosion.
  • Rug – Is your patio looking a little dingy? Perhaps your deck desperately needs to be restrained. Put a large decorative rug down on the ground, and no one will even look beyond the rug’s perimeter.
  • Picnic Table – Remember the days when everyone had a picnic table? These days you barely see them. The great thing about picnic tables is they can literally go anywhere. So, wherever there is a trouble spot on your lawn, move the table over it. Many struggles to grow grass under their shade tree.  Why fight it? Embrace the shade and put your picnic table there.