Tips for Decorating Your Cabin

Whether you have a log cabin nestled in the woods off the grid or if you have a gorgeous chalet perched on the side of a mountain, you probably want the inside to be as cozy as possible. After all, either this is your vacation home or you live here full time to get away from the noise of the city, so you are likely hoping to create a peaceful, inviting, and comfortable environment. These decorating tips will help.

Wall Fireplaces

You absolutely cannot have a cabin of any size or style without a cozy fire. The two go hand-in-hand. However, this does not mean that you have to compromise the environment or your health by burning wood. Wall fireplaces are the perfect solution. Both gel and bio ethanol varieties offer a realistic flame that provides warmth and ambiance. They do not create smoke and there is no mess. These are ideal for cabins without electricity!

Overdose on Rugs

Okay, so if your cabin is somewhere that traditionally sees hot temperatures then cold floors are probably not an issue. Otherwise, you should have plenty of rugs to walk on. No one wants to walk on a cold hardwood floor in the winter, unless you plan on keeping on shoes all day.

Sustainable and Reclaimed

Rather than buy a newly manufactured wood table or sleigh bed for your cabin, choose furniture made from bamboo or reclaimed wood. After all, you are getting close to Mother Nature, so you might as well actually do your part to protect her. If you are decorating an outdoor area, sustainable eucalyptus is popular right now. If you have not already stocked your summer kitchen, consider products made of recycled glass and plastic. You may be quite surprised at what you can find made of recycled materials these days.

Cozy Throws

You cannot have too many cozy, soft throw blankets laying around. This is especially true if you typically have a lot of friends and family come to visit. Fold and stack them in a pile on an ottoman or use them to add color to the room by draping them over furniture.

Layer Patterns

Layering patterns is a hot trend right now. You have probably always been told you can have conflicting patterns in a room. You likely wouldn’t even think about mixing a gingham print with floral or polka dots, but designers are saying that it is okay to be different. You can use conflicting patterns in a room as long as you do not go overboard. This helps create a tremendous amount of depth. If this is your second home, this is the place to experiment with colors you would not usually put in your primary home.