Wall aquariums are quickly becoming the hottest pieces of art in the interior decorating world. It is not very often that a piece of art comes along that offers real natural beauty and healthy benefits all in one spectacular package, but that is exactly what you get with wall hanging aquariums.


Where Should You Put One?


You don’t really need a special environment to welcome a wall aquarium. It doesn’t matter what theme or color palette you have either; they look stunning in any environment. You may assume that you need an extremely large room or that they only belong in the living room, but this is not the case. As long as you pick an aquarium that is size appropriate for your space, it doesn’t matter how small the room is. In fact, there are plenty of small ones available, like the Small Bubble Wall Mounted Aquarium that adds a bit of depth to a room due the design.


Wall aquariums can be placed in any room of your home where you would enjoy it the most. Of course, the living room is popular, but they are nice in the bedroom, home office or dining room as well. Do you have a baby? Why not put one in the nursery where your baby can be stimulated by the vibrant colors and movement from the swimming fish?


Choosing the Right One


Thanks to supply and demand, today there are plenty of wall aquariums to choose from. You can find them in circles, squares and rectangles in a variety of finishes form copper to silver to even bamboo. Therefore, finding one to complement your space will not be a problem.


The first thing you should do is evaluate the room and decide which wall it is going on. Although you can get away with putting a larger aquarium on a small wall, you really don’t want to put a small aquarium on a large wall, or it will dwarf the room. You also don’t necessarily want any other art on the wall or the display can become very busy.


Next, evaluate how your room is decorated. Do you have a lot of sharp edges from shelving, tables and area rugs? If so, then a round wall aquarium will create balance. Alternatively, if you have bean bag furniture, round rugs and cylindrical pillows, then a square or rectangular aquarium would look fantastic.


Lastly, you should look at the colors in the room. Silver and black are safe in an array of environments, but bamboo is also versatile, and can find its place in a rustic, country cottage or even Asian-themed room.