Tips for Decorating with Floor Water Fountains

 Searching For The Best Tips for Decorating with Floor Water Fountains

Nearly everyone remembers the first time they come face-to-face with a floor water fountain. These striking pieces of art have the ability to stop guests in their tracks, and no matter how long you have one in your home it will continue to draw you in and take your breath away. If you are like many others, you love the idea of adding one to your living space, but you are not quite sure if your home can handle such a significant piece. Plus, you have to figure out where to even put it!

Do You Have Floor Space?
You do not need a huge home to welcome one of these pieces; you simply need a little floor space not being put to good use. If you browse our selection of floor water fountains here at Soothing Company, US you will see we have both rear and center-mounted, so whether you want to place one against a wall, in a corner, or as a centerpiece of a room, we have you covered.

Placement Ideas 

  • Corner – Most people have a corner just sitting there empty. This is the perfect place for a floor fountain. You can position it on an angle and it will attract attention from every place in the room. These always look cool with plants nestled around the base.
  • Larger Wall – If you have a larger wall that is just screaming for attention then one of our large floor fountains is exactly what you need. Our Tranquil River Floor Fountain will certainly breathe new life into any space.
  • Entryway – If you have a nice size entryway at your front door, a floor water feature would be perfect to place there. The first thing guests will see and hear is a soothing and beautiful piece of art.
  • Hallway – Do you have a long hallway that just sort of comes to an abrupt end? Why not generate positive energy to be pushed back into your primary living space by placing a fountain there? Choose one with LEDs, so the hallway is nicely lit when you get up to grab a drink of water or check on the baby, in the middle of the night.
  • Nursery – The sound of cascading water will be very soothing to your baby. Not to mention, you probably spend long hours in that rocking chair. You both deserve the presence of a fountain.


  •  Bedroom – Who cares if you are the only one to see the fountain! Just imagine our 10′ Bamboo Etched Waterfall Grande Floor Fountain being the last thing you see before you fall asleep and the first thing you lay eyes on in the morning. It will create the perfect start and finish to your day.
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