A patio umbrella is an essential component of any outdoor living space. Not only do they provide an eye-catching display they make the area significantly more comfortable. Even on a mild day, the sun’s rays can feel incredibly hot when you sit in them for a while. Not to mention, excessive exposure is damaging to your skin and eyes. Many people even get headaches. Then, when things heat up in the summer, it is really impossible to enjoy your patio, and you certainly cannot go barefoot without burning your toes. Just imagine how your poor dog must feel trying to sit near you!


Patio umbrellas create a cooler and more comfortable space while reducing your exposure to harmful UV rays. Deciding to buy one is easy; choosing a style is a little more challenging. Most are quite surprised to discover how extensive the selection is here at Soothing Company. One thing is for sure, there is an umbrella here to accommodate every need and complement any space.


Determine a Size

 The size of the umbrella will dictate the amount of shade that it awards. You will need to evaluate your patio and decide how much of it you want shaded. You might only want the sun blocked when you are sitting around a table, or you might want a sofa, chaise lounge, and chair all shaded. As a general rule:


  • 6-foot umbrella shades 30-inch bistro table
  • 7-foot umbrella shades 36-inch table
  • 8-foot umbrella shades 48-inch square or round table and chairs
  • 11-foot umbrella shades 72-inch rectangular or oval table with six chairs


Tilt or Not?

 If you are putting the umbrella directly over a table, you may not need a tilt feature. You have to consider though that the sun is rarely going to be directly overhead. A tilt feature will allow you to easily adjust it as the Earth moves throughout the day. A good example is our California Umbrella 9-foot Aluminum Market Umbrella. Its push tilt makes it effortless to create shade where you need it.


Other Considerations

 You will need to decide if you prefer a pulley open or crank system. Both are extremely easy to use. You will also have to choose a color, which very well may be your hardest decision. We have them in every color of the rainbow, and then some. You may want one that matches your furniture, or you might want to choose a contrasting color for a bold display.


Regardless which umbrella you buy the most important purchase you make will be the cover. These décor pieces are designed to last a long time, but only when they are protected by a quality, proper fitting cover.