If you have a small home then you know firsthand just how awkward it can be when you have more than a few guests over at one time. Maybe you even avoid entertaining altogether because you do not know where to put everyone. Well, you do not need a lot of floor space to have ample seating for everyone who comes over for a visit.

Ottomans – Every small space should have a couple of ottomans. Obviously, they serve the important purpose of giving you a place to elevate your feet. However, they also make perfect seats for guests. When they are not in use they can be tucked in a corner or placed under a large end table. Plus, ottomans are available in some really vibrant shades so they provide a simple way to add a splash of color to a room that really needs it.
Bench – Placing a bench against a wall is ideal, especially if the top opens so you can use it for storage. This will give you a place to hide throw blankets, movies, magazines, etc. You can place a couple decorative pillows on it or if it has a hard surface it can double as a table for plants or other décor.
Craft Crates – If you are feeling creative go to the craft store and get several wood crates. They are usually less than $10. You can paint them and create a bench. You can also place decorative storage bins in them to hide other things, if the open part is facing toward the room. You can face it towards the wall though and hide anything in there you want, and it won’t be visible to those in the room. You can also lay a folded blanket across the top so the bench is soft to sit on.
Small Bean Bag Chairs – The great thing about small bean bags is they can even be stacked, if you have several you need out-of-the-way. Plus, everyone absolutely loves sitting in them!
Floor Cushions – Not everyone has to sit on furniture when they come over. You may find that many of your guests may actually prefer sitting on the floor, but that does not mean they will not appreciate a soft cushion to sit on, especially if you have hard floors. Cushions can be stacked in a corner or even hidden away in a closet when they are not being used.