Do you have an empty corner in your room that you do not know what to do with? Most people do. You do not want to throw just anything there because then it will actually “look” like you are trying to fix an awkward space. This can especially be a problem in a large room. Well, below are a few things you can nestle in there nicely to make the most of this valuable real estate.

Floor Water Fountains

Why not turn that dreadful corner into the focal point of your room? This is exactly what floor water fountains are capable of doing. These beneficial pieces of art are available in a variety of sizes and materials, so there is one to complement any space. Just position it on an angle and suddenly your corner becomes the most beautiful spot in the room. If you have a small space, consider mirror, as it will make the room appear larger.

 Corner Fireplaces

Most people have no idea these even exist, so if this the first you are hearing of them you are not alone. Corner fireplaces are available in gel and electric options. Some are even designed to hold a flatscreen and others are convertible, so they can be positioned against a wall, as well. If you have a super contemporary environment, you might want to consider a bio ethanol freestanding fireplace, and just place it on an angle like you would the floor fountain.

 Bean Bag Chairs

Many try to squeeze a chair here, but it never seems to look quite right. This is not a problem you will have with a bean bag chair. These fun and ultra-comfortable pieces of furniture will sit in that corner perfectly. If you do a lot of entertaining and never seem to have enough seating you could buy several small bean bags and stack or cluster them in the corner for guests to grab and move, as needed.


If you are going to decorate your corner with foliage, let it be spectacular. Choose a large palm that clean the air, or create a display of bonsai trees that make the space calming. These are living pieces of art that can offer a display as eye-catching as a painting or sculpture.


If you have a large room, you could create an amazing focal point with a medley of elements. Position the floor water feature on an angle and cluster bonsai or bamboo around it. Perhaps set a freestanding fireplace nearby to complement the water flows, as they are both feng shui elements.