Outdoor covers are some of the most beneficial items you will ever purchase in your life. They are the one and only thing that can help protect your investment. Just because many items are designed for outdoor use does not mean that they will not be ruined by harsh elements. Not to mention, a cover will keep its contents dry and clean. It is a lot easier to remove a cover from a patio table and chairs than it is to scrub away bird droppings or wipe away all the water from the morning rain.

What Needs a Cover?

You may be surprised to discover that covers are made for nearly everything you likely own that is used or kept outdoors, and they are all equally important. For the patio, Soothing Company has covers for chairs, chaise lounges, tables, fire pits, chimineas, barbeques, water fountains, patio heaters, and water fountains. We also have an extensive selection of ATV, car, truck, golf cart, motorcycle, RV, and snowmobile covers, as well. 

Features to Look For

 Before you just throw your money away on any cover you find, you should know that it is important to consider the fit, material, and a few other features. A poorly made cover is no better than no cover at all. This is why we only offer products we know provide the highest level of protection.

Material – The material absolutely needs to be capable of protecting from rain and snow. Keeping the item dry should be the top priority.

Fit – A cover that is too small will not provide protection to the entire item. One that is too large may allow critters inside or water to splash from underneath. It may even take flight with a gust of wind. Choose a cover with hem cords, toggles, zippers, or other similar features that help ensure a proper fit.

Air Vents – Although not necessarily a requirement, you will find that many of our covers have air vents. These help reduce wind lofting and condensation.

UV Protection – The sun can penetrate most fabrics and fade or damage whatever is underneath. If you store the item in your garage or the shed then this may not be high on your priorities list. However, if it remains exposed to the elements when not in use, you might want to make sure that the cover you buy provides UV protection.