Not everyone can have a king-sized bedroom, but that does not mean you have to hate your small space. You can do a lot more with a small bedroom than you probably realize. You just need the right furnishings, thoughtful storage, and helpful decorating tips.

 Daybeds – A large percentage of the popularity insists on buying a queen or king-sized bed when they don’t even need one. Think of all that valuable floor space you will free up, if you opt for a daybed against a wall instead. Daybeds are perfect for kids’ rooms and studio apartments, too.


  • Light and Bright – Dark color palettes dwarf a space. You may love the look of a dark plum wall and black curtains, but your small space will shrink before your very eyes. You definitely do not want to feel like the walls are closing in every time you are in your room. Stick with light colors and welcome natural light.


  • Multipurpose Nightstand – Rather than buy an actual nightstand, use a three-drawer dresser instead. It will be the perfect height to use as a nightstand next to the bed, but the drawers can hold clothes, books, spare sheets, or anything else you don’t have room for.


  • Decorating with Mirrors – You really can’t have too many mirrors in a small space. Their reflective nature makes a room feel bigger. You can always buy an old one at a flea market and paint a cute frame around it on the wall.


  • Shadow Boxes – You don’t have to avoid art just because you have a small space. Shadow boxes give you places to showcase a few items. Plus, they add a three-dimensional element to the space.


  • Floating Bedside Table – If you don’t use a small dresser for your nightstand, consider using a floating table. You can even mount on cube to a wall, so you have a table, plus a space for a fabric bin. However, since the floor is open underneath, you can put your trash can or pile of books down there.


  • Creative Storage – Absolutely everything in a small room needs a home. Even a stack of magazines or a few hoodies on the dresser will create clutter. Get creative with your storage and make the most of every inch of space. Fabric bags hung from a towel holder on the back of the door can hold a lot of odds-and-ends. Put all jewelry in a jewelry box, and if you have lotions, body sprays, perfume, cologne, etc., on your dresser then put them all in a decorative box or bin. Now, you have one element on your dresser instead of several.