Whether you are planning a dinner party or simply have a tradition of Sunday morning brunch with the family every week, it is fun to dress the table with a new centerpiece. If you are looking for some fresh and exciting ideas for spring, this list will come in handy.

  •  Bonsai Tree – Put one of these artistic masterpieces on your table, and it is sure to be the topic of conversation for a long time. Although absolutely stunning, it is important to note that you will need to become familiar with bonsai tree care, if you have never had one. They do require a little effort to keep them looking their best, but the art of keeping them is very rewarding.


  • Nestled Vases – Anyone can toss a bouquet in a vase. If you are going to use flowers, dare to be different. Create a box with nine very thin vases. Tie colorful ribbon around them to hold them in place, and place one flower in each vase. This look is ideal for tulips.


  • Repurposed Birdbath – Don’t throw away that cracked shallow birdbath! Scrub it really good, and you can create an intriguing display with flowering bulbs, petite pussy willow branches, and lots of moss. You could also turn this repurposed birdbath into a fairy garden for your table.


  • Floral Nests – Place three shallow glass bowls on a bright-colored napkin. Float white open roses or peonies on a little water in the dish. Place a few speckled candy eggs in the center, and you have bird nests made out of flowers and candy.


  • Wheatgrass – Do you have any idea how cool wheatgrass looks when it is sprouted? Sprout some in a glass beaker, or even a wide-mouthed glass jar, and tie ribbon, hemp, or twine around it.


  • Candle Holder Egg Tree – Use stencils to get a little extra fancy decorating your Easter eggs, and then put each one where candles would normally go. You may want to use a little tacky wax or something similar to give them more stability. This will stop them from rolling off their little platform every time someone bumps the table.


  • Tiered Bouquet – Fill egg cups with a variety of colorful blossoms. Stack a small cake stand on top of a large one. Fill each tier with the flower-filled egg cups, just as you would, if you were filling the trays with bite-sized desserts.