Jaxx Lounger Jr Bean Bag Chair
Dimensions: 3 ft x 2 ft
Weight: 16 lbs

If your child is promising to do extra chores for a bean bag, you may want to take them up on that offer. Many parents hear the term “kid bean bag chairs” and either see dollar signs flashing or assume this is just one more unnecessary item that will go to waste in the home. Parents who have actually gotten one for their child will tell you it is one of the smartest purchases they have ever made. Whether you have a toddler or teenager, or a couple in between, this is a piece of furniture you will love as much as they do.


Okay, so kids want bean bag chairs because they are “cool.” While this is not really a reason for you to love them, you will appreciate that you will suddenly become the very cool parent who bought them one. If you really want to be the coolest parent, check out our Bagimal collection. A chair that represents your child’s favorite animal; what could be better than that? Choose from Dash the Dog, Elliot the Elephant, Ferguson the Fish, Lisa the Ladybug, Barry the Bird, Oscar the Owl, Maya the Monkey, Penelope the Pig, Unice the Unicorn, Leo the Lion, and Chloe the Cow.


Before you assume that kid bean bag chairs are outrageously expensive, take a look at the selection we have available here at Soothing Company. You will likely be pretty surprised and delighted over the pricing.


You will never have to listen to your children complain about not having a comfortable chair again. On family movie night they can bring their personal chair out to the living room, and they are ideal for studying in for long hours before finals.


Did you know that many people still have their bean bags from the 70s? These chairs last far longer than any other piece of furniture you could possibly buy. One that is used every day may eventually need a bag of beans added, and it will be just like new again. Maybe you are thinking it is silly to buy a young child a chair they will just grow out of. Small bean bag chairs can then be used as a dog bed or ottoman or handed down to another child. You can always sell it at your garage sale, too. Small to medium ones could last all through the teenage years and then become the perfect piece of furniture to take to the dorm.

Easy to Clean

Your child can enjoy his snack or juice without you stalking to make sure nothing gets on the furniture. Many of our products have removable outer covers that can go in the washing machine. Our Jaxx Cocoon Jr. Foam Bean Bag Chair is a great example.