Whether you are moving into a home where you will have your first patio or if your old furniture is past its prime and you’re ready for a whole new look, you may want to have a theme in mind. This will lead you in a specific direction when you start purchasing furniture and décor pieces. Below are a few of the more popular themes trending today for outdoor spaces.


To pull off a contemporary theme, you will need a limited color palette and clean lines. Bold graphics are definitely welcome. If going with wood furniture, stick with eucalyptus or teak. Metal can look great in contemporary spaces, too, especially if it is complemented with modern day chimineas. Add bright glazed pots to the patio and nearby flower beds should have big architectural plants. Most people stick with solid black or neutral furniture, so pillows and rugs can be switched periodically.


Bring Old World charm to your patio with a Mediterranean theme. Choose a warm color palette and rustic furniture made of iron, pine, or some other sturdy furniture. Aluminum, teak, and wicker can be used for some pieces, as well. If you are not sure what colors or patterns to use, stick with ivory, cream, rust, and apricot, and use shades of green in accent pieces.

Terra cotta floor tile is ideal, and planters should be filled with lavender, rosemary, and other Mediterranean plants. Chimineascan complement this theme, as well. You definitely do not want a contemporary fireplace in this environment.


If you are drawn to simplicity and natural tranquility then an Asian-style outdoor space might be the right option for you. Furniture should have clean lines, but shouldn’t be too contemporary. A water feature is imperative, and a bio fuel fireplace would do well in this space. Bamboo, flowering cherries, camellias, and Japanese maples can act as a privacy screen. Of course, bonsai trees in pots are a must!

English Garden

Some say the English garden trend has resurfaced, but others say it never really left. Romantic walkways, hideaway seating areas, and an abundance of flowers are staples. Hardwoods and teak are ideal for capturing that antique bench look. You will probably want some floral fabrics, but you don’t have to go overboard, if you have a lot of flower gardens. Chimineas also look spectacular in these spaces. Even if you rarely use it, at least put one in your flower garden for decoration.