Do you really need a sofa? The vast majority of the population has one simply because it is the expected piece of furniture to have in a living room. However, it is not always the most practical option for everyone. If you are like most, when you have guests over only two people end up sitting on the couch. Well, unless you are watching a movie or playing video games. Maybe then, you squeeze three across. Otherwise, a valuable seat in the middle goes unused. Maybe you are a couch potato and wouldn’t give your sofa up for anything. That’s okay! Just know that if you’re not, there are other options. You don’t have to furnish your home with what everyone else has. Chances are good that if you ditch your sofa, folks you know will follow in your footsteps.

Extra Large Bean Bags

If you hate your sofa because you are never able to get fully comfortable, or sit there without ending up with a backache after an hour, you will absolutely love extra-large bean bags. There is nothing else quite like them. When your body melts into one, the beans cradle every inch of your body. You may also be interested to know that you can find extra-large bean bags as long as 7.5 feet. So, they offer plenty of room for a few people, or you and your dogs.


Chaise Lounge

If you love putting your feet up on a table or ottoman in front of you then a chaise lounge is something you should be interested in. You can even create a large loveseat by pushing two chaises together. These are modern and comfortable.


Who says you can’t have a hammock in your living room? Today, most can be used with a stand, so you don’t even need to fasten anything to the wall. You can also go with hammock chairs instead.


Floor Cushions

If you constantly have a lot of people over and everyone just crashes on the floor, even though you have furniture, you need floor cushions. Meditation cushions are perfect, and some are as wide as 3 feet, so there is plenty of space to get comfortable on them. These go perfectly with extra-large bean bags.


Flip Furniture

These convertible-style pieces of foam furniture change from a chair into a chaise into a bed. Then, all three pieces can be flipped to use as an ottoman or table. These are also a great compliment to extra-large bean bags, as well.