When you think of patio furniture outdoor covers do you immediately picture a display so unsightly that you will be able to hear your neighbors laughing from inside their home? Do you associate covers with bulky pieces of fabric that are a huge pain to get on and off? Maybe you have even purchased cheap ones in the past that allowed all the furniture to ruin, so you are skeptical of wasting your money again. Well, outdoor covers do not have to be unsightly to look, nor do they have to be terribly awkward to deal with. The products we have available here at Soothing Company are attractive, functional, and high-quality.


Neutral Shades

The first thing that you notice when you browse our selection is that our covers are neutral shades, which means they will complement any outdoor living space. After all, we know that you may be pulling covers off in the presence of unexpected guests, so they need to be as attractive as the furniture they cover. If you are picturing blue or orange tarp-like materials, you can kiss that horrible image goodbye.



Even a neutral-colored cover will not be stylish, if it is several sizes bigger than what it is supposed to be protecting. Our covers offer a close fit, which is far nicer to look at. Plus, it allows the items to be better protected. A cover that is too small will leave parts unexposed, but one that is too large looks sloppy and could take flight with the first big gust of wind.



Our outdoor patio furniture covers here at the Soothing Company are as functional as they are attractive. With features, such as zippers, handles, Velcro, elastic hem cords, toggles, and click-close straps, they are easy to put on and take off quickly by yourself. Now you will never have a reason to not put your covers back on when you are done with the furniture for the day. Also, it will take less time to remove a cover and put it away than it would to wipe down furniture covered in morning dew, spider webs, and bird droppings.



Contrary to what many believe, you do not have to sacrifice quality to have a product that is functional and attractive. The furniture covers we have are made of high-quality weatherproof material that will not fade, crack, or deteriorate, when faced with harsh conditions. You will find some even have air vents to reduce wind-lofting, as well as interlocking seams to provide strength and durability.