Does your home need a little facelift? Although doing a complete remodel can be fun, sometimes all you really need is to make a few tweaks to fall in love with your space again. Below are a few hot trends for 2015 worth trying.

  • Ethanol Insert – If you are still dealing with a dirty, toxic wood-burning fire to create ambiance, it is time to start enjoying a clean, safe, and odorless fire. You can place an ethanol insert right inside your fireplace. Just be sure to clean it out first because you won’t want to burn wood again after enjoying one of these inserts.

  • Paint Cupboards – You can change the look of your entire kitchen by painting the cupboards a color you love.
  • “Greige” Color Scheme – Gray and beige are neutral colors that really never get paired. Well, until now! The “greige” color palette mixes gray with shades of beige or beige with shades of gray, depending on which you want to be the more dominant color. This looks great in a kitchen complimented by a wood table and stainless steel appliances.
  • Double Coffee Tables – A new look that is quickly gaining popularity is using two small tables instead of one large coffee table. You can choose whether to line them up perfectly or leave them a little out of place.
  • Raw Wood – The look of raw wood is really trendy right now. You can buy tables that look like tree stumps or have your kitchen island made to look like raw wood. A jagged edge will take it to the next level.
  • Colorful Rugs – Big, bold rugs are definitely in style right now. If you don’t have any patterns in your room this is a great way to add one.
  • Honeycomb – Move over chevron; there’s a new favorite print taking over the world of interior design! Honeycomb is just starting to gain momentum, and is expected to be even more popular than chevron was. A decorative pillow will do, or if you are daring, cover a wall in honeycomb print wallpaper.
  • Black Trim – If you love the colors of your walls, and don’t really want to change them quite yet, think about what your crown molding and window and door trims will look like, if you paint it all black. Even white walls become a lot more sophisticated when they are given a black trim.