A lot of people furnish and decorate their deck or patio, but never do anything with the rest of their yard. If this sounds like you then go stand at your back door or on your deck, and look around. See that big shade tree to the side of the yard or that cluster of evergreens at the back of the property? That is the perfect location to create a quiet and tranquil relaxation space. Add a few essentials to the area, and this is where you will go whenever you need to quiet your mind or relieve a little stress.

  • Fabric Hammocks – It does not matter how stressful your day has been, lying on a fabric hammock will make you forget all about the chaos you have been surrounded by. You do not even need two trees to enjoy one, like you might assume. Most fabric hammocks can be used with a portable stand, which can be placed anywhere. Choose a quality fabric hammock that will resist mold, dry quickly, and be soft on your skin.
  • Table – A little outdoor table will give you something to put your drink, snack, book, and citronella candle on. Maybe you want to use this outdoor space to watch the football game or catch up on your favorite TV show. In this case, your tablet can sit nicely on the table.
  • Water Fountain – You can create a relaxation space without a fountain, but once you add one, you won’t know how you ever lived without it. The sound of the cascading water will calm your mind. Plus, it will block noise. So, instead of listening to traffic, music, dogs barking, kids next door screaming, etc., you will simply hear the fountain. You can’t go overboard with water features either, so feel free to add more than one to your relaxation space.
  • Rug – If you don’t mind killing a square of grass, a large outdoor rug would create a nice “floor” to your space. Your dog will at least like lying on it, and it will look pretty cool.
  • Umbrella – Okay, you are probably asking, “Why do I need an umbrella when I have a tree?” Frist, when that freakishly mild weekend shows up in January and you are dying to go take a nap on your hammock; your umbrella will provide the shade that the bare tree doesn’t. Second, have you ever napped outside in a light rain? Well, you will when you can hide under the giant umbrella!