Must Haves for a Guest Bedroom

For years, you have been saying that you were going to create a guestroom out of that extra bedroom that is just sitting there empty. Every time guests come in from out of town, or one of the kids has a few extra friends over you have to drag out the air mattress. Of course, the kids don’t mind, but it sure would be nice to have an actual guestroom for the adults, wouldn’t it? Here are a few essentials to keep in mind when decorating and furnishing the space.

Thoughtful Color Palette

You don’t have to stick with a neutral color palette, but you should choose colors and patterns that appeal to males and females. You may love the idea of lilac walls and floral fabrics, but when your significant other’s brother has to stay with you while having his home exterminated he may be cringing at his surroundings. Alternately, black walls and a bright lime green comforter may be just a little too modern for your grandma when she visits.


If your guestroom is like most it is probably the smallest room in the house. So, a larger bed is out of the question, especially if you want to fit anything else in there. Daybeds are perfect for guestrooms. If you have more than one guest at a time, you can always pull out the dependable air mattress. Bean bag sofas can make a nice bed, too.



You definitely do not need a full-size dresser, unless you want to use a couple drawers for extra t-shirts, sweatshirts, or other articles of clothing you want your guests to feel welcome to use. Unless they are staying with you for a long time, they probably don’t need much more than two drawers.


Nightstand with Books

Even when you are exhausted it can be difficult to fall asleep in a strange house. The furnace makes a strange noise, and you can hear their dog’s nails on the hardwood floors as he makes his rounds every 30 minutes. Place a small nightstand with a lamp next to the bed, and consider stocking it with a few great books or magazines. So, if your guests can’t sleep they can read.


A lot of people don’t think to put a mirror in a guestroom, but this is definitely an important element. Your guests would probably like to take a quick glance in the mirror before joining everyone at the kitchen table for breakfast.