Must Have Dorm Room Essentials

One of the most exciting things about staying on campus is decorating your dorm room. However, many people stress about this process because they just don’t know where to begin. Not only do you not want to forget anything important, you have to make your decisions thoughtfully because space is limited. This list of essentials will get you started.

Bean Bag Lounger – You may think you don’t need anything to sit on because you have a bed and desk, but you do. Desks can be used for more important purposes, such as storing cosmetics, hair products, snacks, paper plates, etc. If you sit on your bed long hours to study and do homework your back will ache. A bean bag lounger can be squished in a corner and is comfortable enough to sit in for hours. Plus, you will need seating for friends anyway.
Lap Desk – Since your actual desk is holding essentials, you will need a lap desk. You can pick these up anywhere for under $10. They have a cushion on one side and a flat desk surface on the other.
    Heating Source – Dorms never seem to be warm enough. However, most don’t allow large space heaters. There are small ceramic heaters that use under 400 watts of energy that will warm you up, especially if you’re sitting right in front of it. A heating blanket is essential to have, too.
      Hamper – Fabric hampers or bags are ideal. When one gets full, it is easy to toss over your shoulder like Santa Claus and hit the laundry room.
        Storage boxes – These will become your best friends. Fill them with clothes, school supplies, personal hygiene products, food, jewelry, etc., and stack them as tall as you. It is a good idea to label them, so you know which box to grab when you need something.
          Hand Vac – You don’t need a full-size vacuum. A hand vacuum will be adequate for a small room. If your dorm is close to home, you can skip this item and just borrow one, as needed.
          Command Hooks – Command makes hooks in every size and style imaginable, and they don’t ruin the walls. These can hold jackets, hoodies, keys, and cloth bags filled with plastic ware, hair accessories, scarves, and mittens.
          Bed Risers – You can pick up dorm room bed risers at places like University Housewares and Target. They raise your bed over 5 inches so you can make the most of that storage space underneath.