There are no strict rules that absolutely need to be followed, when decorating your outdoor living space. However, there are a few mistakes many folks admit to making, and wish they would have been warned about them earlier. If you have already decorated your outdoor space, but something just doesn’t feel right, see if anything on this list applies to you. A quick fix may be standing between you and the environment you are trying to create.

  • Improper Plant Placement – A successful and attractive garden is one that is thought through. First, you have to consider the space and sun requirements for every different type of plant you are working with. Second, you do not want tall species in front of short ones.
  • Ignoring the Walls – There is a good chance your deck or patio touches an exterior wall to your house, garage, or pool house. Put this valuable real estate to use with outdoor wall art. There is a huge variety of outdoor wall art to choose from. It’s stylish enough for indoors, but durable to withstand environmental elements.
  • Too Many Lawn Ornaments – Thoughtfully placed lawn ornaments are fantastic additions to your landscaping. However, when you overdo it to where people park in front of your house, assuming you are having a yard sale, you have too many lawn ornaments.
  • Forgetting Exterior Lighting – You can’t appreciate what dramatic impact lighting has on your outdoor living space until you actually have some outdoor lights. When you plant your garden and flowerbeds, build paths, etc. think about how everything is going to look at night, too. Don’t just visualize the end result during the day. Thoughtfully placed solar lighting will turn your space into an enchanted environment.
  • Neglecting the Front Yard – It is natural to want to focus your attention on the backyard. After all, this is where you spend your time outdoors, and it is likely where you entertain, too. However, the front yard should receive as much attention because this makes the first impression and improves curb appeal.
  • Not Planning Ahead – Planning involves more than just making a list of the plants you need. You should have an idea of what you want your space to look like. You must also factor in budget and maintenance time. If you don’t have time to weed, prune, and give your landscaping the attention it deserves, you need to rethink your plans or hire a professional.