How to Create a Room Outdoors

You have probably read and heard multiple times that your deck or patio should essentially be an extension of your outdoor living space. You may be wondering where to even begin to create such a space, or perhaps you have tried, but it felt disconnected. The key is to create a room outside. Look at the space you are working with, and imagine that there are four walls and a ceiling. Regardless if you have a sweeping backyard or a cozy terrace these tips will help you create the look you are trying to achieve.

Have a Plan

Before you randomly start buying things, have an idea of the look you want to accomplish. This will help keep you on track. Are you trying to create a formal dining room feel for your dinner parties or a casual gathering spot to catch up with friends over a bottle of wine? Do you want the area clearly defined? An outdoor gazebo, party tent, or curtains may be needed.


If you already have a patio or deck then all you really need to shop for are outdoor rugs. Nothing creates a room-like feel better than a rug that acts as a centerpiece. If you are creating this outdoor room where there is grass, then use pea gravel, interlocking brick, or a low-maintenance stone floor to define the area. Then, use a rug to pull the look together like you would on a patio. Quality outdoor rugs are treated to stand up against the sun’s UV rays. They are also easy-to-clean with a simple garden hose.

Potted Plants

You can most certainly have flower beds around the perimeter, but you should still have potted plants like you would inside your home. Small pots of lavender, mint, or other scented flowers and herbs can be scattered around to fill the “room” with fragrance.

Comfort Items

Soft throws and pillows are absolutely necessary. What’s a sofa without a pillow to hold onto and a blanket to get cozy under? You don’t have to keep these items out all the time or even buy outdoor products. Store them in a weatherproof bench or ottoman, so you have them handy when needed. A patio umbrella will also play a leading role in comfort. The umbrella should be large enough to shade the sitting area. If it tilts this is a bonus. For a very large area, you may need multiple ones. Protect them with covers, when they are not being used, so they last more than one season.