Transforming your patio area into a classic French country-style theme is not easy to do. However, when done properly, you are awarded with a timeless look that will be in style for a lifetime. This is a look everyone will be jealous of. A look that says you dare to be different; you don’t feel the need to change with the times or follow passing trends. You know what you like, and you are not afraid to make it known. Below are a few ideas of elements you can use to create this look.

  • Garden Table and Benches – Imagine the intricate detail found on ancient columns displayed on your garden table and benches. Opt for something made of some type of resin composite to stimulate stone.
  • Bistro Table and Chairs – Bistro tables and chairs generally come to mind when people picture a French country theme. The only downside is that they are made for two chairs. So, if you do a lot of entertaining, you will need additional seating options.
  • Tiered Garden Fountains – Every space needs a focal point, but creating one outside can be tricky because of the open landscape. Tiered garden fountains offer a classic look and a soothing sound to capture and hold your attention. Place one at the edge of your patio, or if you have a large area, use it as a centerpiece and design around it.
  • Sliding French Doors – To really pull off the look, swap your regular glass patio doors for sliding French doors. Obviously, if you don’t have glass patio doors, you can install traditional French doors to walk through to get outside.
  • Lanterns – Resist the urge to buy those modern-looking outdoor lights. You may like the looks of them, but they will be awkward in this type of environment. You definitely need classic lanterns, preferably solar ones.
  • Canvas Art – To make sure the theme you are after really translates through, consider a French-inspired outdoor canvas. These canvases are as nice as what you would hang in your house, but they are treated to stand up against the weather.
  • Boxwood Shrubs – Planting a row of boxwood shrubs along at least one side of the patio is ideal. These are easy shrubs to grow, but you will need to keep them maintained to provide the full effect.
  • Columns – Finding French-inspired statuary could prove to be challenging, but finding columns is a bit easier. This could include column-like tables and plant stands, too.
  • Garden – Whether you have a large flower garden or just a couple nearby flower beds, you will want to fill these spaces with the right flowers. Trumpet line, lavender, mimosa, roses, wisteria. Columbine, dahlia, canna, agapanthus, catmint, and thyme are popular picks.