You might be reading that title and asking, “Why do I have to add anything to my garden?” Well, you don’t! Lush greenery, flowers, herbs, and even produce plants are lovely all on their own, but that does not mean that you can’t add a little excitement of your own to complement the display. These creative decorating tips can be used in flowerbeds, gardens, and raised planters, and they are sure to spark a conversation with your guests.


  • Garden Statuary – The easiest thing you can do to add a bit of creativity is add garden statuary to the space. These artistic pieces are really perfect to place near seasonal blooms that leave a void in the display once they are spent. Put a garden fairy or gnome there, and no one will notice that you have a few weeds growing that you haven’t tended to yet.


  • Fencing – Just because you do not necessarily need fencing does not mean that you can’t use it anyway. Decorative bamboo fencing behind the garden will create a serene look, or a short white picket fence around the perimeter will add a bit of elegant charm. You can even use fencing to define different zones in the garden.


  • Teepee – Give climbing plants a teepee of some sort to creep up. You can easily do this with sticks and twine, but old wood and metal gardening tools can also be used to create an interesting display.


  • Water Element – Solar fountains are a must in every landscaping. You can’t have too many water elements either, so don’t be afraid to go overboard. The great thing about solar fountains is you are not restricted to where you can place them. Since they require no electricity, you don’t have to keep them close to the house. You will definitely want to also add a bird bath, but be sure to change the water daily.


  • Solar Lights – Don’t let your beautiful display fade away into the darkness, solar lanterns, globes on stakes, etc., will draw attention to the garden in the moonlight.


  • Shepherd’s Hook – A shepherd’s hook can hold hanging plants, bird feeders, wind chimes, and other elements.


  • Planters – Gardens look fantastic with planters added, especially if you get really creative with what you are using them for. A few fun ideas include work boots, wicker baskets, rain barrels, wheelbarrows, toy boxes, wooden crates, metal buckets, mailbox, watering can, hollowed tree stumps, old tubs, wagons, dresser drawers, and old-fashioned baby carriages.