Everyone thinks that decorating a little girl’s room is so much easier than a boy’s room. Although girls will typically be more precise expressing their wants, boys generally gravitate towards some very fun themes. If you have a boy who absolutely loves sports, race cars, bugs, fire trucks, etc., you can find really exciting furniture pieces to create a unique space that they will love.


  • Sporty Bean Bags – Sporty bean bags are an absolute must, and they are so comfortable that you will likely want to lounge in the one you buy with a good book while he is at school. You can buy these super comfy chairs designed to look like footballs, basketballs, soccer balls and baseballs.


  • Race Car Bed – What kid doesn’t want to go to sleep every night tucked in a race car bed? These beds often have somewhat high sides, too, so they are perfect for those years when they are too big for a crib, but not old enough for a bigger bed.


  • Dinosaur Table and Chairs – Believe it or not, you can find a dinosaur-themed table and chairs set by Teamson Kids. The chairs look like you’re sitting on a dinosaur. The manufacturer even has a matching storage bench and other accessories, but be warned; this product line is really expensive. It is definitely cool though.


  • Spiderman Folding Saucer Chair – There are all sorts of small furniture pieces available with a Spiderman theme, but the folding saucer chair is great because he will be able to easily fold it and carry it to different room all by himself. So, your child will be able to sit in his favorite chair during family movie night.


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flip Sofa – This themed sofa by Marshmallow is perfect for toddlers. It flips open to turn into a small bed for sleepovers. When he outgrows it, it can always become the dog’s bed.


  • Fire Truck Toddler Bed – Kidkraft makes a cute toddler bed in the shape of a fire truck. The ladders on either side act like rails. Of course, you will need the fire pole coat rack and hydrant-shaped spinning bookcase to match.


  • Batmobile Bed – If you are creating a Batcave, you will want to start with a Batmobile bed. You could easily take an old dresser, paint it black, and use a Batman stencil to paint yellow symbols on it. You can also find ceiling fans that have bat wings as blades