Have you ever been to someone’s home where a certain piece of décor was so unexpected that it changed the way you viewed them? You know it is a little superficial to judge someone based on their home furnishings, but nearly everyone does it. It’s natural. So, when you look around do you see anything in your home that will make guests see you in a different way?


Sofa Bean Bags


One of the most unexpected pieces of furniture you can add to your home is a giant bean bag. Sofa bean bags can be 7 feet or longer, so there is more than enough room for three adults to sit comfortably. Most people walk into a living room expecting to see a traditional sofa, so when they are immediately presented with one of these huge balls of beans they cannot help but dive or sink into it. Sofa bean bag chairs will never wear out in one spot and some even have a removable and machine-washable cover, so they are easy to keep clean.


Outdoor Canvas Art


When you have friends, coworkers, etc., over to enjoy the deck or patio, one of the first things they will notice is the outdoor canvas art mounted on your wall. These pieces are just as lovely as paintings you would put up in your home except they are covered with a weather-resistant coating.


 Wall Fountain in the Restroom


Nearly every one of your guests will use your restroom at least once. They may not see other rooms in your home, but the bathroom likely sees a constant flow of traffic when people are over. So, it only makes sense to add a show stopping and memorable piece to this room. A wall fountain will be something guests will be talking about for a very long time. Plus when you want to soak in the tub after a long, hard day, you will appreciate the tranquil environment it will create.


Fire Table


Any type of fireplace is going to get noticed out on the patio, but a fire table will become a conversation starter. Most people never quite know where to set their drink down outside when they are mingling. Fire tables are unique, useful, and absolutely stunning.


 Table Aquariums


When was the last time you saw a coffee table double as a fish aquarium? It is certainly not something you see every day, but it is definitely an element that will create a strong first impression and a dynamic focal point. Octagon varieties create a truly unique display.