Folks with a small deck or patio often wish for more space. Maybe you did, too, once upon a time. Now, you have that oversized deck you have always wanted, but you are not quite sure what to do with it. If this is the “problem” you are facing right now this guide will help.

Determine Your Needs

What type of entertaining do you do (or plan on doing)? Are you looking forward to having the whole family over for breakfast on the weekends, or are you at least going to try to enjoy more meals out there? If so, then you will want a larger table and chairs, or at least a table that expands.

Are you hoping to create a living room environment? Don’t assume that you have to buy furniture as a complete set. You can mix-and-match sofas, loveseats, and chairs.

Create Zones 

If your patio or deck is large enough, you can create multiple sitting areas. This is especially effective, if you plan on entertaining larger parties. If necessary, you can always move all the furniture into one central location, but you know that smaller groups of people typically section off for conversation. Building benches around the perimeter or at least in the corners will really allow you to make the most of the space with the maximum amount of seating possible.

Add Infrared Patio Heaters

With a cozy patio, a smaller bio ethanol fireplace to gather around is typically all that is needed. You are going to need a lot more heat to keep a large patio comfortable. Infrared patio heaters are perfect for this purpose. You can always have some type of fireplace as a centerpiece and place the heaters near the edges to provide warmth to the areas the fireplace won’t reach.

.Provide Shade

Unless you want guests complaining of headaches, dry eyes, and sunburn, you are going to need some shade. Canopies are ideal to position over conversation areas in the corners. Umbrellas will work everywhere else. For a larger area, umbrellas with a tilt feature are recommended, so you can shade any area with the right angle.

.Have Enough Side Tables

There never seems to be enough table space for drinks, snacks, and plates. You can always build some hinged ones around the deck’s perimeter that can just be flipped down when needed. Of course, benches can always be used as tables, as well.