If you would spend every minute of the day at the beach, if you could then use a tiki theme to decorate your summer kitchen and patio to feel like you live by the water. Even if you don’t live anywhere near an ocean, you can at least create the right atmosphere that will make you feel like you live somewhere tropical.

  •  Beach Outdoor Canvas Art – Walls in summer kitchens and exterior home walls that touch the deck or patio should be used to their full potential. Beach outdoor canvas art changes this. Just like mounting art on your living room wall this beach-themed art will become a focal point and the set the tone.
  •  Thatch Umbrella – You can go with any patio umbrella, but a thatched one gives the space more of a Hawaiian flare. If you have an extra-large space get a few solid-colored umbrellas to mix in with the thatched ones.
  •  String Lights – You can find tiki string lights in a wide variety of styles. There are even some with various Hawaiian designs.
  •  Bamboo Bench – You can find benches made of bamboo that have a thatch-like surface. This would be the perfect complement to the thatch umbrella and beach canvas art piece.
  •  Tiki Torch – Well, you really can’t have a tiki-themed outdoor space without a few tiki torches to set the mood. The light will also provide increased security. Some are designed to stand in the ground while others sit on a table.
  •  Tropical Furniture Cushions – Floral or beach-themed furniture is not hard to find. If you already have a table and chairs in your summer kitchen add floral cushions or floral ribbon around the chairs. You can always go with a tiki-themed tablecloth or placements. If you have a sofa or other types of seating on the patio have a couple vibrant decorative pillows scattered around.
  •  Hammock – You no longer need two trees for a hammock. These handy home accessories are available to mount from their own private stand. One under your favorite shade tree is a must. However, you can also place one on your deck or patio to lounge on every chance you get.
  •  Potted Ferns – Depending on where you live, growing palm trees in your summer kitchen and around your patio might not be practical. Leafy ferns are the next best thing. Grow them in pots, so you can always rearrange as desired.