For the past several years the minimalist approach to decorating has been a popular trend. Folks all over the country traded in their oversized sectionals for a streamline sofa, and four post and sleigh beds were replaced with platform beds. Of course, not everyone loves the simplistic look. If you this sounds like you, then you will be thrilled to learn that the maximalist approach is quickly gaining popularity. If you are going to tackle this more-is-more approach to decorating, you can’t be fearful. You are the person wearing stilettos when everyone else has on flats. You rock the bowtie when everyone else sports a Windsor knot. Own it! Below are a few elements that will help you reach that over-the-top look you are after.


  • Wall Mural – If you have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, you can pay an artist to paint a mural. If you are pretty talented with a paint brush or just feel like experimenting, you can tackle it yourself. Otherwise, an oversized wallpaper print might be exactly what you need.


  • Modern Fish Tanks – You have wanted an aquarium anyway, so you might as well go all out. Instead of an ordinary rectangular one, check out the available selection of modern fish tanks instead. A large one mounted on a wall or a table aquarium will definitely become the focal point of the room it occupies.


  • Pendant Lighting – You can’t possibly be prepared for how expansive the selection of pendant lighting is, if you have not shopped for it lately. You can find some serious in-your-face pendants that will be the finishing touch on a maximalist space. Place one above your dining room table, and it becomes a suspended centerpiece.


  • Gold Finish – Spray painting a nightstand or shelving unit gold may have been considered tacky in the past, but gold-finished items can bring glamour to a maximalist space. If you are not crazy about gold, go with a different metallic finish. Krylon make spray paint that creates rich finishes, too, such as the Caramel Latte and Sparkling Canyon colors from the Brushed Metallic line.


  • Texture – A maximalist room cannot be two-dimensional. Or, it’s probably more appropriate to say that a two-dimensional room can’t have a maximalist vibe. You need layers of texture to create the right look, which means including a variety of fabrics. Patterned materials, such as slate and marble offer brilliant texture, as well