Do you have one awkward wall in your living room that you do not know what to do with? Maybe it’s not wide enough to place a side table or bench against or perhaps it extends forward so putting a chair there would place it too close to the room’s center. Whatever the case is, just leaving it blank is not helping either. Below are design solutions that will allow you to turn that eyesore into a focal point.


Gel Wall Fireplaces – Gel wall fireplaces can turn a sad wall into one that is simply fabulous. Silver and copper are very popular finishes right now. Gel fuel does not produce smoke or fill the air with dangerous toxins, so you do not even need a chimney. Plus, gel is surprisingly affordable and completely maintenance free. You add a can of fuel, ignite and enjoy. Simply extinguish the fire when you are done with it, or allow it to burn out naturally.


    Wall Water Features – Some are under the impression that all wall fountains are huge, but this is not true. There are vertical and fairly compact water features available that would mount on a narrow wall beautifully.


      Decals – When all else fails stick a precut decal of something there. There is a large variety available, so finding one to complement your space will not be difficult. Depending on your personal style you could add anything from a tree to a colorful sugar skull to an inspiring quote.


        Shelves – If you have knickknacks, collectibles, or family photos you have run out of room to display, or if you would love to buy a few new things, if you can find a place to put them, then mounting a series of shelves on the wall would be ideal.


          Tall Plant – If you have been meaning to add more living art to your space then maybe this is the perfect wall for a tall plant. Don’t have a green thumb? You could always place a large decorative empty planter on the floor under where your gel fireplace is mounted. A planter does not actually need to be filled to look fabulous.


            Grandfather Clock – As long as your home offers the right environment for a grandfather clock this could be a welcomed element. This would look best in a classic, rustic, or country cottage space.