Whether you are getting your first one bedroom apartment or buying a house with a fairly small living room, you may find yourself faced with decorating challenges. Trying to cram too many items in your living room will make it appear cluttered. Not to mention, the space will feel smaller than it already is, if you don’t have much floor space to move around. Do not get discouraged through. You can do a lot with that small space with a few basic tips.

Keep Seating Simple

The less furniture you have in a room the more floor space you will have to work with. Determine what your needs actually are. If you never have enough people over to put that extra chair to use get rid of it. If you are single and literally never do any entertaining or are always on the go then maybe you do not even need a sofa. Perhaps you only need your favorite bean bag and a few floor cushions, just in case friends stop by. Choose your furniture based on your needs, rather than what the norm is.

TV and Media Console

One of the smartest pieces of furniture you can add to a small space is a TV and media console. This one unit will give you a place to house your television and media, but it will also act as a focal point and heat source when the fireplace is on. Most assume they cannot have a fireplace unless they have a ton of extra room. With a TV and media console you get to have the cozy fire you long for without adding any additional elements to your space.

Cover a Wall with Shelves

You need to make the most of that valuable wall space. So, you can either buy bookshelves to stand up against a wall or install shelves yourself. These can be used to display art, collectibles, photos, and knickknacks, and they can hold books, games, etc. You can also use them to hold decorative boxes, cloth bins, and baskets to use for storage.

Ottomans and Benches

These items are essential in small spaces. If they open and allow for storage then they can be used for seating while also holding blankets and pillows. A bench could also be used as a side table with your winter coats, sporting gear, or other items you do not need to access in the off-season.

Tips and Tricks

Lighter colors will make the space appear larger. However, this does not mean you are restricted to neutrals. If you want a purple room, by all means go for it! Just choose a lighter shade or else only paint one accent wall the dark shade you love. You can also stick with neutrals, but incorporate bright colors as accents. Lastly, make use of mirror. Whether you add a mirror fountain, clock, serving tray, etc., to the space it will make the room appear larger due to its reflective nature.