Decorating Tips for Thin Walls

Whether you live in an apartment or your home simply has thin walls you may feel you cannot do anything with them. You certainly do not want to mount something extremely heavy on them. Maybe you just are not sure how strong your walls are, but you do not want to chance putting something up that weighs several hundred pounds. Besides, if you do not have anyone to help you lift it how are you going to mount it? Regardless which scenario applies to you, there is a ton of things you can do to bring your walls to life.

Paint – Do not underestimate what paint can do for a space. A nice bold color will dress a wall right up. You can even try different painting techniques, such as sponging, pin-striping, color washing, or distressing, or creating a marble or textured crackle finish.
Featherstone Wall Fountains – Most people assume all water features are insanely heavy. Thanks to Featherstone wall fountains, anyone can enjoy a soothing and beneficial piece of art. It looks just like real slate, but without the weight. For example, a 69″ x 30″ Featherstone fountain will weigh about 25 pounds without water. A real state one the same size would tip the scales at about 255 pounds.
Decals – At one time, wall decals were primarily used in rooms for babies and young children. Today, there are more mature decals made with quotes, or pictures of trees, birds, eyes, sugar skulls, tigers, and countless other things.
Baskets – Go to the craft store and buy plain, cheap, shallow baskets without handles. The ones in a shape of a serving bowl or dish are ideal. They are often less than $1. Get cans of spray paint to paint them and then hang them on the wall in an artistic way. You can always add silk flowers or fabric to them, as well.
Floating Book Shelf – You can buy very lightweight shelves to mount on the wall. You may want to paint them different colors. Get creative with how you stagger them. They do not necessarily have to follow a specific pattern. Just put lightweight décor pieces on top like decorative candles in a variety of shapes or interesting ornaments.
Metal Wall Décor – You can easily find cast iron wall art that looks like it weighs a ton, but only weighs a few pounds. Just make sure you check the weight of anything you order online because it can really vary depending on size and metal type.