If you have recently moved into a new home and are finally going to have an outdoor living space, you are probably pretty excited to start buying furniture. Alternately, maybe you are simply ready to replace pieces that have lasted you several years for something new. Either way, you will find this list of essentials very helpful.

Outdoor Furniture

There are no rules, when it comes to outdoor furniture. Obviously, you are going to need pieces for your patio, but if you want to put beanbag chairs around the pool area and hang hammocks and hammock chairs from every tree, by all means do so. You don’t have to stick with only one style of seating.

Benches are hot this year, and they can be placed anywhere from under a shade tree to inside a flower garden. Round tables with benches have become quite popular, and sustainable eucalyptus has become the most popular material to use in outdoor furniture. It’s durable, beautiful, and ensures you aren’t increasing your carbon footprint with your purchase.



Just because you are outside does not mean you should be any less comfortable than when you are in your living room. This means that you need shade when it is hot and heat when it’s not. A quality patio umbrella will take care of the shade. Make sure you purchase one large enough to provide shade to your desired area, and you will need a cover to protect it when it is not being used. For heat, you have a few options. Gel tabletop fireplaces are ideal because they can be used indoors and outdoors. If you are trying to make your neighbors jealous, then buy a fire table. If you appreciate a classic look, stick with a chiminea. Of course, you can eliminate fire altogether and warm your outdoor space with a patio heater.


The Extras

You really cannot over-decorate on outdoor living area. On the patio you will need a large area rug and a dramatic fountain. You can also place smaller fountains in your garden and flower beds. Garden statuary can go just about anywhere, and do not forget about solar lighting. Get creative with plants, too. Just because there are flowers all around your patio does not mean you can’t have a large planter on the patio, as well. If you do not buy water fountains do make sure you at least get a birdbath for your feathered friends.