It is confusing why most people spend a great deal of time decorating the interior of their home, yet the exterior gets neglected. This is valuable space! Even those who have throw pillows, decorative rugs, and a fire bowl typically overlook the exterior walls of their home. Chances are good that your deck or patio touches a wall of some sort. Why not put this space to use with outdoor wall art?


Canvas Art



If you have not been introduced to outdoor canvas art yet you are in for quite a surprise. This type of wall art has recently become incredibly popular, but it is not anything new. These intriguing pieces have been around for quite some time. Like art displayed in your home, these pieces look like a traditional canvas. The painting or photograph is added to a canvas and given a protective coating, which allows it to stand up against rain, pollution, bird droppings, and other elements. They can easily be washed too. These are pieces that look nice enough to be mounted in your indoor living space. These canvases are available in a ton of different themes, including wildlife, wilderness, trees, rivers and streams, landscape, seasons, flowers, architecture, beaches, and more.


Water Wall



Nothing makes your home become more mysterious and interesting than an outdoor water wall. Some of them are made in so many finishes you can easily find one to match the color of your home perfectly. This allows the piece to look as though it is part of the wall. There are also some wall fountains that sit on the ground against the wall. These are ideal if you are a renter and can’t mount to the exterior of your home, or if you simply are not comfortable doing so. Wall fountains are available in an array of sizes, colors, and themes. The weathered look is extremely popular right now.


Garden Statuary



You might not think of garden statuary as wall art, but maybe you should. There are many pieces available at Soothing Company that can rest right up against a wall. For example, the 28-inch Sitting Buddha Garden Statuary Large placed against the wall of an Asian-themed patio or in an outdoor meditation space would be the perfect finishing touch.


Solar Lights



Solar lights are not necessarily considered art, but some are certainly nice enough to decorate a wall. Not to mention, these lights can be used to highlight other pieces of outdoor wall art. Solar lights give your home curb appeal at night while also increasing security. Guests visiting for a late night pool party will appreciate the extra lighting while navigating in unfamiliar territory. Plus, thieves are typically deterred by lighting, making your home less at risk for a break-in.