You do not need an official royal title in front of your name to create a living space that is fit for a king or queen. You don’t need to be worth millions either. These tips will help you create a rich-looking space that will have friends and family wondering if you got a raise, won the lottery, or robbed a bank.

  •  Faux Fur Throws – Real fur throws are expensive, cruel, and so last decade. Even celebrities who can afford the real thing are opting for faux ones. Toss one at the foot of your bed and another over the back of the sofa.
  • Slate Wall Fountains – All you really need is one strong focal point to totally change the look and feel of a room. Slate wall fountains do this effortlessly. The unique patterns in slate create layers of texture in a room and the soothing sound turns the space into a spa-like oasis. Every person who enters the space will immediately be drawn to the water element. They’ll feel invited and relaxed while their mind is quieted and soothed.
  • Stylish Rug – An authentic Persian rug can easily cost over $50K, which is more than what some pay for their home. One large quality rug will make a world of difference. Avoid the one on sale you see at the home improvement store. Everyone you know has seen that sale, so you won’t be fooling anyone with your high-end makeover. Spending a little more on that rug you are really drawn to will prove to be a good investment.
  • Bio Ethanol Fireplace – With how popular (and affordable) bio ethanol fireplaces have become in recent years it is really quite surprising that they are still associated with the wealthier population. They are available today in a variety of styles and price ranges, so nearly anyone can afford one, and they are a must-have for a royalty-inspired room.
  • Smart Patterns – You are probably wondering which patterns are most associated with royalty, right? Herringbone and hounds tooth, of course! A muted herringbone pattern on your curtains may be the small detail that pulls the look of the entire room together.
  • Stylish Pet Bed – You can’t have an elegantly decorated space with a $20 pet bed tossed in the corner. It will ruin the entire look of the room. Fido needs a bed that is fit for Lupo, Will and Kate’s spoiled Cocker Spaniel.