Do you ever flip through interior decorating magazines and just laugh when you see bedroom examples? These rooms do not even look lived in. Where is the TV on the dresser or alarm clock on the nightstand? How could anyone have a bedroom that perfect with nothing out of place? Well, below are creative ways to hide everything that is making your room look like a cluttered mess.

TV Lifts

According to feng shui, everything creates energy, but electronics create the most! Too many things in a room generate so much energy that the space comes off busy and overwhelming. This is especially true in a small room. So, what is the answer? Are you supposed to live without your television in the bedroom? Absolutely not! TV lifts are your solution.

These unique pieces of furniture actually hide the flat screen when not in use. Then, when you are ready to get in bed to watch your favorite program, you use a remote control to lift your TV out of the unit. Some are designed as cabinets or dressers, so they provide additional storage space where needed. Others have a ventless fireplace, so you can enjoy a little ambiance in the room while you relax.

Under-the-bed Storage

There is a lot of space under the bed to put to good use. You can actually buy plastic containers made specifically for this purpose that you can fill it with just about anything. You could always buy bed lifts for even more space. Your other solution would be to buy a platform bed with built in drawers.

Decorative Boxes

You can buy decorative boxes in every size, color, and pattern imaginable. You can also find blank ones at the craft store that can be painted or covered with fabric. These are perfect for remote controls, books, socks, anything else you need a home for.

Behind the Door

The back of the door to your room is prime real estate. There are so many things you can buy to hang back there it will make your head spin. This is a perfect place for a shoe rack, or you can get over-the-door hooks and hang cloth bags to hold hair accessories, hats, mittens, belts, etc.


You can often find decorative boxes at the craft store for well under $1. These can be left as is or spray painted. They are perfect to place on top of your dresser to hold your jewelry, hair brushes, and anything else cluttering up the space. Larger ones can be placed on the floor for dog toys and leashes.