Every room needs a focal point. However, this is not all that easy to achieve in a large space. A beautiful painting in a smaller room will often become the center of attention. Mount that same piece of art in a larger space and it becomes invisible. Many people with smaller homes dream for the day that they will finally have a larger space to decorate, but they do not realize just how challenging the task can be. To create a dramatic focal point in a more expansive environment, you need something that will have guests stop and literally say the word “wow!” Below is a list of a few ideas that will achieve the reaction you are looking for.

Wall Mounted Aquariums

Displaying living art in actual art form is sheer genius. Most people have no idea that wall mounted aquariums even exist, so when they come face-to-face with one in your home it will take their breath away. You may even catch yourself staring at it for long periods of time, and this is okay; fish are very therapeutic and good for relieving stress. If you add one of them to your home it is important that you choose a species that is small enough to still have plenty of room to move around freely. It is also crucial that you keep the water clean, both for the health of the fish and the visual display it provides the room with.

Customized Fountain

If you are not going to add a wall aquarium to your space, you might as well go with a different eye-catching water element. A customized fountain is created based on your vision. So, you get to choose the size, material, trim, etc., for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Artistic Lighting

A light is always going to attract some attention because it draws the eye in. However, if you are going to use lighting as a focal point it will need to be pretty spectacular. Elaborate chandeliers or contemporary pendants are ideal. A multi pendant light might be even better. Do not be afraid to use lighting as your opportunity to incorporate a bold color into the space. A room with all neutrals, black, or white can quickly be transformed by a red glass chandelier or aqua glass pendant light. If you have lamps in the room, lampshades give you an excuse to play with colors and patterns, as well.