Water Walls are types of water fountains that actually sit on the floor and stand freely. The word “wall” actually reflects the design and its size. Larger and actually resting on the floor, these stunning water features create the illusion of a wall  of water. An awesome focal point, a water wall is a standout piece that the eyes are drawn to when your clients and guests enter your home or office, creating a memorable lasting impression. These stunning pieces of art will be the first and last thing they will see and hear as they walk in and out of the doors.
Large enough to be the focal point of any room, this fountain is available in “small” and large sizes, although there is nothing small about either of these sizes. This fountain is easy to maintain as well as set up. The silver fram3 and clear glass panel make for a clean and simple design, customize this fountain with your company logo for a little extra character. The Grande Black Onyx and Clear Glass Floor Fountain is the perfect touch to any business environment, your employees will be less stressed and you customers will like the feeling they get when walking into your office, due to the negative ions output by this stunning fountain. Get the ultimate experience with the Grande Black Onyx and Clear Glass Floor Fountain.
The Harmony River Floor Fountain is the ideal solution to add a welcoming feeling to your home or office. This slate floor fountain will not splash or cause a mess because of splash guard provided with the fountain.  Enjoy the continuous water flow with this stunning floor fountain from Adagio Water Features!
This large water fountain is perfect for making a statement in any home, backyard, or office. This fountain will be the focal point of any environment. Add negative ions, to energize and soothe, while humidifying and cleansing the air. This fountain is elegant and clean looking. The Bamboo Etched Waterfall Grande Floor Fountain‘s tempered glass panel is center mounted and water flows down one side. The easy to install fountain takes less than half an hour to set up and requires no tools to set up. This fountain is impressive, all will enjoy the beautiful Bamboo Etched Waterfall Grande Floor Fountain.