For a very long time, most outdoor furniture actually looked as practical as it was, and not in a good way. Does something have to look like it is waterproof for it to actually hold up in the weather? Do you remember those dreadful floral cushions that stuck to your skin? Fortunately, times have changed! Designers today make outdoor furniture that is attractive enough to be used inside your home, durable enough to weather the storm, and comfortable enough to relax in. This is especially true of the options that are on this list.

  • Quilted Hammocks – If you love rope hammocks, you will fall head-over-heels for quilted hammocks. If you find rope varieties to be irritating to your delicate skin, quilted styles will totally change the way you view these classic pieces in general. Quilted hammocks are plush enough to lie in for hours. Some are even reversible, so you can change the look of your outdoor space without buying anything new. Most just attach to a stand, so you don’t need perfectly spaced trees to have one.
  • Hanging Chaise Lounger -These unique seats marry a chaise lounge and swing in one. You essentially get the best of worlds. They suspend from their own stand, and some even come with an umbrella for shade.
  • Bean Bag Chair – Your favorite piece of indoor furniture is now available for your outdoor living space. Note that not all bean bags are appropriate for outdoor use. Make sure the one you purchase has a waterproof liner, and a removable and machine-washable cover.
  • Rocking Chair – You can’t go wrong with the most classic comfortable chair of all time. Of course, you can’t just put any rocking chair out on your patio, and expect it not to ruin. It needs to be made for outdoor use. Eucalyptus rocking chairs have become quite popular.
  • Round Beds – You probably have seen elaborate round beds in magazines and assumed they must be reserved for beachside mansions. Well, they are definitely expensive to buy, but some people are actually making them from old trampolines. You do need to make sure you have a very strong support system though!
  • Daybed – Contemporary daybeds are available in a wide variety of styles. Some even have their own modular canopy that fold down accordion-style like a convertible. These are often quite large and need a significant amount of space. Be warned, some modern daybeds can cost $10,000, or more, but they certainly do make a statement.