If you go into most homes you will find a sofa against one wall, and a loveseat and/or a chair on another. Then, there are tables and a lot of empty floor space. Who decided that walls were made for larger furniture pieces? There are so many exciting things you can do with your living space that do not revolve around the traditional layout.

Create a Sitting Area

If you have a large living room then you can create a separate sitting area. If you have ever seen the HGTV dream homes, the designers do this, but call this sitting area the “great room.” Obviously, you can still have your sofa facing your television in the main area, but off to the side you will place a table with furniture in a square or circle. Table aquariumsare perfect to use for this sitting area because they attract attention to ensure folks will want to gather there. You may find this becomes your go-to place to sit and read, so you can keep one eye on your aquatic friends and the other in your book. Table aquariums can create the ultimate “wow” factor.

Move the Furniture Away From the Wall

If you don’t have floor space to create a separate sitting area just move your furniture around. Break away from that cookie-cutter mold by pulling your sofa to the middle of the room. Add an accent rug, and then put that wall to good use. You could put bookshelves there or add several planters. This would be a good wall to paint an accent color or put a large decal on.

Change Your Furniture 

Maybe your furniture is making you feel stuck in a rut. Folks are so used to buying a living room set or a sectional that they don’t realize how many exciting options are out there.

For a super modern look replace your seating with bean bag chairs. Some are as large as 7 feet, and can easily replace your sofa. Besides, these are pretty much the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in.

If you do not want all bean bags, you could do a bean bag sofa, and then add a hammock swing to replace your chair. Guests will not be able to decide what piece of furniture they want to sit on first. One thing is for certain; folks will be talking about how stylish your home is for a long time!