Do you ever wonder why everyone you know wants to gather at your friend’s house down the road when the weather is nice? You live right around the corner, so why doesn’t anyone want to kick back with a glass of lemonade on your patio? Well, maybe your outdoor living space is not warm and inviting. Even if you have nice patio furniture, this does not necessarily mean that folks are comfortable just hanging out there all day. If you want your home to become the hotspot, there are a few things you should add the space to make your guests feel right at home. Keep in mind that you do not have to do any entertaining to enjoy these pieces. Even if you are the only person who sees them, you will certainly appreciate each and every one.


Water Fountains – Nothing turns an outdoor space into an inviting oasis quite like outdoor water fountains. As if the visual beauty is not enough. The sound the cascading water makes has a calming effect and will drown out neighborhood noise. We have an extensive selection of outdoor water features here at the Soothing Company. You do not have to limit the selection to one either. Put them on your deck, in your garden, around the house, and anywhere else you like.


Outdoor Fireplaces – You absolutely need to have some type of fire element to create ambiance and provide warmth. Fire pits, fire bowls, chimineas, and tabletop fireplaces are all fantastic choices. However, if you want something all your guests will be talking about, consider a fireplace table. Our Real Flame Mezzo Round Propane Fire Table is perfect for those with a contemporary outdoor living space.


Solar Lights – If you still stumble over that uneven sidewalk even though you know it is there you can expect your guests to do so, as well. Solar lights are easy to install, require no electricity, and will make the environment around your home safer.


Outdoor Rugs – If you are forced to keep your shoes on so you do not burn your toes on the hot deck or get a splinter then you will definitely need to look at our selection of outdoor rugs.