Benefits of Sofa Bean Bags

Have you recently been introduced to sofa bean bags, but you are not quite sure if your home is the right environment for one? Perhaps you wonder if they are only for kids or assume that you need a contemporary space to welcome one. Some question if this is really appropriate furniture to use for a living room or if it should be reserved for a game or media room or finished basement. If you have never sat in one you might wonder if they are even comfortable. Becoming aware of some of these benefits may help you understand why more and more people every day are adding one of these stylish and beneficial pieces of furniture to their home.



You cannot appreciate just how comfortable sofa bean bags are until you melt into one for the first time and never want to get up. The beans more freely to cradle every inch of your body, so no matter how you lay you are completely supported. There will never be an awkward spot that gets worn away and you will not have to fidget for 20 minutes just to try to get comfortable. They are so comfortable you may not even want to sleep in your bed anymore. In fact, our Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag Lounger is the perfect alternative to putting a bed in the guestroom, and it is ideal for the kids to sleep on when they have sleepovers.


Easy to Clean

Do you cringe at the thought of anyone eating popcorn on the sofa? Are you constantly getting out the carpet and upholstery cleaner to deal with the muddy paw prints? There is an easier way to keep your furniture clean. Some of the giant bean bags we have here at Soothing Company have covers that are removal and machine-washable, so it is easy to keep your furniture looking fantastic.



How long do you typically enjoy a sofa before it starts getting uncomfortable? Traditional furniture breaks down just a little more every time you use it. So, if you always sit in your favorite spot like most do, that spot will eventually become less comfortable. You will never have this concern with a bean bag sofa. Since the beans move freely, it is never the same ones under pressure over-and-over. This allows these sofas to retain their comfort level significantly longer than regular furniture. Worst case scenario, a high traffic sofa may need a bag of beans added in time, and then it will be as good as new again. A traditional sofa would need to be completely replaced, if you hope to ever find comfort again.