Considering outdoor canvas art is not a purchase you make very often you may be full of a lot of questions, especially if you have been newly introduced to these pieces. If this is the first you are learning of them you will be interested to know that they are every bit as beautiful as what you would mount inside your home, but they are given a special coating to withstand the elements.


Determine a Mounting Location

It helps to have an idea of where you are going to mount the canvas before you even start shopping. You will want it to complement the exterior of your home, but you might want to make a mental note of your purple curtains in the nearby window or the rose bush that is full of pink blossoms all spring directly underneath where you are placing it.


Consider Your Furnishings

Your current furniture and décor will play huge roles in choosing a piece of outdoor canvas art. Obviously, if you have a tropical, French bistro, or Japanese garden theme, you will want to continue on with this theme when you choose your art. For example, our Magnifique Canvas Wall Art will look exceptional paired up with a black iron two-person bistro set on a small patio, while our Palms Duo Canvas Wall Art will look perfect next to the tiki bar.


If you do not have a theme, evaluate the color palette of your furniture or patterns in your cushions or rugs. If your furniture is a solid color and you do not have any patterns or a theme then you can essentially choose any canvas you want.


Do You Have Space for More Than One?

If you have an “L” shape created by the exterior wall of your home, plus the garage, shed, or pool house, you could buy two outdoor canvases, just as you would likely decorate both walls inside your home. In this case you will want to make sure both canvases complement one another, but they do not necessarily have to be in the exact same category. Our Rivers and Trees category and Wilderness Outdoor category can easily be paired together, just like our Wildlife Outdoor Canvas Art will complement pieces from many other categories.


What About Upkeep?

If you are worried about how the canvases will look when they get dirty, don’t be. These outdoor pieces are made to withstand weather, and they can easily be cleaned to keep them looking new from one season to the next. Speaking of seasons, you may even want to rotate canvases according to season, if you have simple décor that allows you to be this creative.