Do you talk to your plants? Maybe you plead with your flowering dogwood to tell you why it’s dying, or you give a pep talk to those asparagus plants that don’t look like they are going to amount to anything this year. Well, if you do, you certainly are not alone! Plenty of people talk to their plants and trees. Unfortunately, they never get a response. However, if your plants could talk, there are a few things they would definitely want you to know.


  1. You Give Us too Much Water – Your garden does not need as much water as you probably think. Too much water is almost worse than not enough because standing water leads to rot, mold, and fungal disease. So, put down the hose, and no one gets hurt!


  1. We Want an Outdoor Water Fountain with Pool – Plants don’t want to be drowned in water, but they sure love being next to an outdoor water fountain with pool. First, the wind will blow some of the water as mist to cool nearby plants on a hot day. The humidity is especially welcomed in dry climates. Second, an outdoor water fountain with pool will invite pollinators to drink, which is good news for the plants relying on cross-pollination.


  1. We Appreciate Mulch – A protective layer helps reduce water evaporation and stops top soil from washing away in rain. Plus, it reduces weeds that plants have to fight with for nutrients.


  1. We Would Appreciate if You Had the Soil Tested – Rather than trying more nitrogen, then more phosphorus, etc., just get the soil tested and eliminate the guessing game. When you know what the pH levels are, you know exactly what your garden needs to thrive.


  1. We Weren’t Planted at the Right Time – Stop blaming the plant for not blooming at the right time or not producing a large harvest. You may have planted them at the wrong time. Create a planting calendar, so you don’t just plant whatever you feel like on your day off and get mad when they don’t do what you want.


  1. We Get Hungry Sometimes – You need to know when your plants need to be fed, but don’t overdo it. If you see that your plants are struggling, adding a bunch of random fertilizer could make things worse. Amend with plenty of organic matter to start, and feed appropriately, as needed.


  1. We Hate Pesticides – Chemicals are not the answer, especially if your mission is to kill every bug you see. Understand that there are beneficial bugs that plants rely on. Plus, all those chemicals destroy the perfect pH balance you worked so hard to achieve. Choose natural methods.