Your master suite should feel as amazing to be in as a room at a vacation resort. In all fairness, it is your safe place to escape the chaos of the world. When you create a soothing environment, your mind relaxes, so the cares of the day don’t weight so heavily on your shoulders. You can fall asleep faster, and wake up feeling more rested. This affects your physical health and emotional well-being. If your bedroom does not have the calming environment you desire, these tips will help you create it.

  • Velvet Headboard – Velvet has a calming effect, just by looking at it. You already know how soft it will feel against your skin, before you even touch it. If you don’t have a headboard, you can easily make one with a piece of foam and a few yards of material. If you have a headboard, consider covering it in velvet material. Alternately, you could add a velvet blanket to your bed, if you prefer.
  • TV Lift Fireplaces Once you have a warm, glowing flame in the bedroom, you will never want to be without one again. What’s great about TV lift fireplaces is that you get a fireplace and entertainment center in one, so they are perfect, if you don’t have a lot of floor space. Plus, these have a lift mechanism that hides your TV, when it is not being used. Electronics produce a lot of negative, busy energy. Hiding your TV when you are ready to go to sleep just makes sense.
  • Living Art – Fresh flowers or plants are essential for your bedroom. Be sure to choose plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight, if a sunny window is not available. If you go with flowers, choose soft colors, and move them out of your room when they start wilting.
  • Quilted Closet Doors – Quilted fabric tacked to your closet doors creates the look of a luxurious dressing room. Plus, it complements the velvet headboard, and helps create more depth in the space.
  • Metal Chandelier – Brass is a popular metal that is pleasing to the eye. Copper and brushed nickel are two additional materials to look for when shopping for a chandelier. Don’t be afraid to get something a little quirky. You want to have one fun element in the room.
  • Sconces – Wall sconces create bit of a romantic vibe. One mounted on either side of the bed can replace the need for a lamp on the nightstand. Alternately, you can add candle scones to the room. Even if you never light them, they are awfully nice to look at.
  • Water Element – If you want a calming atmosphere, you absolutely need the sound of cascading water. Fire and water balance one another, so a fountain would be the perfect complement to your TV lift fireplace.