7 Bathroom Trends for 2015

Most people start their day in the bathroom, getting ready for work or helping the kids brush their teeth before school. Maybe you also end your day in this same place, soaking in a bath and drinking a glass of wine or cup of herbal tea. The environment in your bathroom can affect your emotional and physical condition, so it is no surprise that the latest trends are encouraging a bathroom space designed for relaxation.

  • Living Walls – You have probably heard of living roofs and even living bath mats to step on when you get out of the tub. Well, living walls are the newest trend, and of course, the humid climate of a bathroom is the perfect place for them. These vertical gardens are packed with flora that offers great health benefits through improved air quality.
  • Modern Looking Fireplace – The bathroom is the perfect place for a modern-looking fireplace, especially if you rely on your calming soaks in the tub before bed to fall asleep at night. An electric variety can be just plugged into an outlet. You can also mount a modern-looking fireplace on a wall that burns bio ethanol. Although it uses clean-burning fuel source, you will need adequate airflow for a real flame.
  • Mosaic – Patterned mosaic was extremely popular in the kitchen the past couple years, while subway-like white tiles were being heavily used in bathrooms. The two have sort of just changed places now. Patterned mosaic tiles on a wall will give your bathroom quite a facelift.
  • Beach Theme – Bathrooms were commonly decorated with a beach theme for many years, only it was more of a tropical vibe, often incorporating cartoon-like fish into the space, too. The new beach theme is relaxed and subtle. Imagine what a seaside bungalow in Maine might be decorated like. Muted blue shades are popular, finished with lots of natural details, such as driftwood, shells, and stones. Keep the shower curtain fairly neutral and simple, too.
  • Multi-head Showers – Being misted from all angles will leave you feeling like you just had a full body massage.
  • Gray Shades – For 2015, gray is the new white. It does not have to be dark gray either. A very light gray in replace of white walls or trim will make a bigger impact than you might expect.
  • Radiant Heat Floors – If you are doing a remodel consider having radiant heat installed. You will love it on cold mornings, but be warned, once you have it, you will be eager to put it throughout the entire house.