You don’t need a huge bedroom to create an environment you love lounging in. If your room feels cramped or you have never bothered to decorate it then it is not likely going to be the place you retreat to after a long day. Maybe you are downsizing and a little stumped on what to do with your smaller space. These tips will help even a tiny room feel a lot more spacious.

  • Remove the Clutter – Even having a few things out-of-place in a small room can make the space feel cramped. For example, 10 bottles of lotion, body spray, and perfume adds 10 additional elements to the space. Put all those containers in a decorative box with a lid and suddenly you have only added one element to the space. It is very important that a small room not be permitted to get cluttered.
  • Scale Furniture – There is absolutely nothing you can do to make a small bedroom feel larger, if you just squeezed a California King bed in it. Don’t buy a bed bigger than you need. This theory applies to dressers, too. Don’t buy a bedroom set because it is on sale, when you may not need the extra dresser that is responsible for making the room feel cramped. Platform beds with drawers in the base are smart and floating nightstands let you maximize floor space beneath them.
  • Reflective Décor – Mirror is a great material to decorate with in a small space because its reflective nature makes the room appear larger. Indoor waterfalls made of mirrorare ideal. Not only will the mirror brighten up the space; the sound of cascading water made by indoor waterfalls is very soothing, so it will help you fall asleep faster.
  • Thoughtful Color Palette – As a rule, bright and light colors tend to make a room appear bigger. However, this does not mean that you have to avoid dark colors. You can even get away with a black or deep plum accent wall, if there are also lighter elements in the room to provide balance.
  • Rethink the TV – If you actually use the TV in the bedroom then by all means keep it there. If not, this should be the first thing to go. Electronics add a ton of energy to a space. If you must have one, opt for a flat screen and store the remote in the nightstand drawer, so it is not adding to clutter.
  • Create a Focal Point – Even a small room demands a focal point. If the element is special enough, you really will not need other art. For example, if you go with an indoor waterfall, you probably will not need anything else in the room.