Do you have stunning pieces of wall art, but you look around the room and feel like there is just something missing? Maybe none of the art is creating the focal point you had hoped for. Perhaps you are just ready for a change or want to take your decorating to the next level to make everyone you know green with envy. Whatever the case is, these recessed design ideas may help you achieve the look you are hoping for.


  1. Recessed Bio Fuel Wall Fireplaces – Nothing can create a visual display that compares to recessed bio fuel wall fireplaces. A fire display inside a wall is just not something you see every day, which is why it is so special. Recessed bio fuel wall fireplaces burn a clean fuel source, so you get a brilliant flame without the smoke, smell, or toxins of a wood-burning fire.


      2.Recessed Shelves – Building shelves in your wall is a much bigger project than installing a recessed bio fuel wall fireplace, but they can serve a lot of purposes. They can be used for books, movies, photos, collections, and small knickknacks. In the kitchen, they are ideal for spices and cook books, and in the bathroom they can hold all the beauty products that would otherwise clutter your counter.


        3.Recessed Light Boxes – If you have sculptures or trophies you want highlighted, a few illuminated boxes will do the trick. You can either have the boxes light up or you can install track lighting on the ceiling and point each light at a box.


          4. Recessed Herb Garden – There never seems to be enough room for your herbs and other indoor plants, right? A recessed herb garden will allow you to grow everything you want without trying to find space for all the planters. You can even add grow lights to grow veggies.


            5. Recessed Storage – It does not matter how much storage space you have, it never seems to be enough. Build a storage unit right in the wall. You can even use the shelving idea, but expand upon it by making them deep and tall enough to accommodate fabric bins and decorative baskets.


              6. Recessed Flat Screen – Installing your flat screen in the wall eliminates the need for an entertainment center. Plus, it puts the television in a position where it is easily seen from anywhere in the room.