A lot of people look at a small patio, and feel discouraged. They may wonder if they should even bother doing anything with the space at all. After all, what can you possibly do with a small area? Well, you might be quite surprised! With the right tips and a little creativity, you can transform that small outside area into a place where you want to spend a lot of time.


  1. Simple Seating – You must choose your seating thoughtfully to get the most out of this space. Obviously, you need to stay away from oversized pieces, and you don’t want more furniture than you need.  If you don’t plan on ever entertaining, you can get away with one comfy chair. A hammock chair might be a good option. A bistro table and chairs is also a good option. You can always build bench seating along one or two sides of the patio to get the most of the space, if you plan on doing a lot of entertaining.


  1. Patio Umbrellas – It does not matter what size patio you have, the need for shade never changes. Patio umbrellas add a charming touch to an outdoor living area, and they provide plenty of shade. The great thing about a small space is one umbrella will shade the entire seating area, and if you want sun, you just close the umbrella.


  1. Plant Tower – You probably don’t have room to scatter a lot of planters around, but what’s a patio without plants and flowers? Buy some type of tiered plant tower, so you have somewhere for all the planters. Corner units are ideal. If you have something above the patio to hang flower baskets from make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.


  1. Outdoor Rug – Another great thing about a small patio is one outdoor rug will cover most of the ground. So, you can leave your shoes off and really get comfortable.


  1. Tabletop Fireplace – You will only need a small fire to keep warm when the temperatures drop, so a tabletop fireplace will accommodate your needs nicely. If you don’t have a table to set it on just put it on the ground. These fireplaces burn gel or bio fuel, both of which are safe to use indoors, so you can take your fireplace with you when you go inside for the evening.


  1. Make Use of the Walls – You don’t have a lot of ground space, so take advantage of exterior walls. These can be used for canvas art or lighting. You can also create a vertical garden for your herbs.