You have searched for your dream home for what seems like forever, and now that you have finally found it, you discover it has no windows in a main room. Now, no window in a bathroom or nursery is probably fine with you. However, if the home does not have a window in the living room or master bedroom this can quickly put a stop to any warm fuzzy feeling over the marble bathroom and chef-inspired kitchen. Can you live without a window in a primary room? Absolutely! It will not be nearly as dark as you might imagine either. These tips will help.


  • False Windows – Create the illusion of windows being in the room with false windows. Whether you buy a print or paint your own, you can have the weather and view you dream of to look at daily. There are even large murals that span a nice size wall.


  • Slate Wall Fountains – This material is about the closest you are going to get to displaying a real waterfall in your home. Slate wall fountains are available in a variety of sizes and styles. If you give your space a dramatic yet natural focal point, you will forget all about not having a window. Guests might not even notice either.


  • Lighting – Since there will be no natural light pouring through the windows, you will have to be happy with artificial lighting. With the right lighting options, you won’t miss natural light. Forget about a boring ceiling light. Recessed lighting is a great idea in a basement with fairly low ceilings. Pendants and chandeliers are very much in style, and lamps are available today in more designs than you can probably imagine. Have a few options in a room, so you can make it brighter, when needed. A dimmer switch is always a nice feature to have.


  • Shiny Pieces – Adding reflective elements to a space without windows is definitely a great idea. Brass, stainless steel, and mirror are all ideal. If possible, place pieces across from one another, so light can bounce back-and-forth. This will brighten up the room, so you don’t risk feeling like you are in a dungeon.


  • Light Color Scheme – A room without windows needs a lighter color scheme. If you want to incorporate dark colors into the space, you can do so in some of the décor pieces.