Whether you are moving into your very first place or you simply feel like your living room needs a fresh look these tips will help you create a space so spectacular, guests will assume you paid a designer to handle the project for you.

  • Have a Plan – If you head to the mall and start shopping without a plan, you will end up buying random things for your living room that create a disconnected look. This will likely leave you feeling full of regret. Have an idea of what look you are trying to achieve. This does not have to be carved in stone, but it will at least help get you started. Looking through magazines will give you a little inspiration or at least spark an idea, too.

  • Lighting is Important – One of the most overlooked elements in the room is also one of the most important. At least half the time you are home, you likely have a light on. If you do any entertaining in the evening, the light illuminates your space, so naturally it gets noticed. Therefore, your lighting should make an impact. Lamps are always a great option in the living room.
  • Don’t Get Stuck in a Furniture Rut – First things first; your seating options do not need to be against a wall. Floating furniture adds a stylish vibe, as long as you have the floor space to pull it off. Also, your furniture does not have to match. In fact, it shouldn’t! Your room will have a lot more depth and personality, if you mix-and-match styles, materials, etc.
  • Clear Walking Path – It is important that there be a walking path in your living room that is free of obstruction. You do not want to stub your toe on the coffee table every night in the dark or have guests tripping over cords.
  • Add a Focal Point – If you have ever been in a beautifully decorated room that felt perfectly pulled together there is a good chance you can remember the main element in the space that captured your attention. Your living room needs a strong focal point. A fireplace on the wall is a great option. You can mount a fireplace on the wall that burns bio ethanol or gel for a realistic fire, or you can opt for an electric variety providing you have an electrical outlet on that wall.