5 Perfect Housewarming Gifts

Unless you want to be like everyone else, skip the bottle of wine and buy a housewarming gift that will really be put to good use. This is the time to buy something for the receiver that they may not typically think to buy themselves. This also gives you the opportunity to get them something they may not be able to pencil into their budget for a long time.


Nothing makes an outdoor living space appear warm and inviting like a birdbath. They should essentially be considered necessities, and your gift receiver’s garden will thank you for welcoming all the pollinators. Birdbaths come in every size, design, and finish imaginable, so finding one to complement their home will not be too hard. 


You do not have to know much about their décor to buy a small gel or bio ethanol fireplace. You may want to choose one suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Most importantly do not forget to buy a little fuel, so they can put it to use right away.

Garden Statuary

This is really ideal if you are stuck for ideas because garden statuary does not have to match their indoor or outdoor furniture or décor. These are the unexpected elements in a garden or flower bed that put the finishing detail on the entire landscaping.

Emergency Kit

This is a perfect gift for the person just moving on their own for the first time, and it is especially crucial if it is winter or winter is quickly approaching. If they just spent their savings on paying for a down payment and moving expenses then money for emergency items is probably on the backburner. Get them the basics, such as candles, LED lanterns, batteries, hand warmers, Sterno gel fuel and pop-up stove, crank flashlight with AM radio, solar phone charger, and a first aid kit. This will inspire them to continue to add to the kit, as well.

Wine Rack

Well, if everyone else is going to buy them a bottle of wine, you might as well provide a nice rack. If they have one and they do drink a lot of wine, consider a cheese board, fondue set, or other items they may put to good use with a bottle of wine.

Welcome Mat

Chances are pretty good that they have several doors they will need both indoor and outdoor mats for. You might as well buy a unique one that they may not normally splurge on.